Supreme Sound & Entertainment wants to make sure everyone at your party is having a great time. Lighting not only leaves everyone with that “Wow” factor when entering a room, but also creates and energy that will guarantee everyone is dancing all night long. Here are some of the lighting options SSE has to offer!

Custom Monogram:

Your name in Lights on the Dance Floor. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors that fits your theme or style.

Up Lighting:

Transform any room with our Wireless/LED Up Lighting.

Moving Head:

Want to make sure everyone at your party is ALWAYS on the dance floor? Our moving head lights move the the beat of the music and will gaurantee a packed dance floor all night!


Wether it’s a speacial dance or an added effect on your cake, we can make sure that anything you want can be accented no matter where it is in the room.